Artist in Residence

As a space to celebrate beauty in all its unique forms, Philosophy MD is pleased to present our Artist in Residence program. On a rotating basis, we'll spotlight a talented local artist, whose selected works will be showcased throughout the clinic and available for purchase. We're delighted to take this opportunity to inspire our visitors while supporting the local arts community.

Our Current Muse:

Jeremy Koreski

Jeremy is a Tofino native whose photography focuses on sport, wildlife, nature and culture in and around the wilds of the Canadian coastline. From remote surf breaks to wild mountain ranges, Jeremy’s work has been featured internationally by The New York Times, Surfer’s Journal, Patagonia, Yeti, and more.​

Jeremy hopes to capture experiences that make people want to get outside, connect with nature and enjoy the wild —with every photograph rooted in the hope that the more we get outside, the more we will care about protecting the natural world. Jeremy splits his time between Tofino and the Cowichan Valley on Vancouver Island with his wife Sarah, his daughter Bellavita and an eclectic array of animals.

Note: The selection of black walnut frames means each print is complimented by the natural brown tone of the wood. Rather than using heavy glass, a laminated glassless process was chosen which means prints are lighter, easier to ship to you, and have zero glare.

To inquire about one of the pieces you see here, click below to contact the artist directly.

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