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Introducing the ExcelV+ Laser: Your 5-in-1 Solution! 

A new era of skincare is here with the ExcelV+ laser system—a versatile 5-in-1 solution crafted to address a range of common skin concerns. Whether you’re dealing with persistent vessels or red spots, brown pigmentation, or troublesome skin tags, this cutting-edge technology has you covered. 

Exciting new services now await at Philosophy MD; the new ExcelV+ laser promises to elevate your personal treatment plan. This leading technology is found in the company of our skin heroes around the world, and now has a home here at Philosophy MD. 

Read on to learn about our new treatment options:

Laser Genesis for skin rejuvenation 

The ExcelV+ laser kicks off its repertoire with Laser Genesis—a non-invasive treatment that targets fine lines, wrinkles, and enhances overall skin tone by stimulating collagen synthesis. Expect a natural and youthful glow, reduced discolouration, and control acne. It also helps diffuse redness from rosacea by calming inflammation. Best of all, treatments are enjoyable: as Laser Genesis slowly heats the dermis, treatment sensation is likened to increasing warm puffs of pulses.

Combatting red spots and vessels on the face, torso, and legs 

The second function tackles red spots, vessels, and veins on the face, body, and legs. Wavelengths partial to reds, purples and blues effectively select and coagulate targeted vasculature like red spots (cherry angiomas), and a variety of cosmetic vessels. As the ExcelV+ laser enhances sclerotherapy treatments, this function specifically improves clearance of patches of vessels, and reticular veins, ensuring more impactful results and ultimate clearance.

Banishing brown spots and pigmentation 

For those hard to treat browns, like age spots, sun spots, and pigmentation issues, the ExcelV+ laser offers wavelengths selective for browns and provides a specialized treatment. It safely and effectively addresses common, benign sun and age spots without unnecessary disruption to your skin.  

MD-provided solutions for skin tags and warts 

The fourth function focuses on pesky skin tags and warts. The ExcelV+ laser, guided by our experienced physicians, effectively treats skin tags and warts, for effective and personalized care of these stubborn yet common concerns. 

Green Genesis, or “Baby IPL,” for prevention or maintenance between IPL treatments 

The fifth function, Green Genesis, serves as a maintenance treatment between IPL sessions or early introduction to the world of skin health rejuvenation. It complements the goals of IPL treatments by acting as a bridge to maintain the integrity of your skin’s natural tone and texture. Ideal for prevention, it ensures your skin remains radiant and free from early discolouration. 

As we welcome the 5-in-1 ExcelV+ laser to Philosophy MD, we invite you to embark on a journey toward healthier, more radiant skin. Whether you’re seeking rejuvenation, targeting red and brown spots, or need solutions for skin tags, Philosophy MD is here to provide effective, empowering and educational skincare. Speak with us to discover what’s possible. Schedule a complimentary consultation today.