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The New Philosophers Series: Tessa McLoughlin, Founder of KWENCH

In the charming coastal city of Victoria, where the waves of the Pacific Ocean meet a diverse and inviting community, resides a woman whose journey has been shaped by a deep desire for happiness.

Tessa McLoughlin, the founder of KWENCH, a vibrant and innovative co-working space, has become an integral part of the Victoria community, bringing her unique perspective on beauty and life to the forefront. Tessa’s story in Victoria began unexpectedly, as life often unfolds in unexpected ways.

Chasing dreams and finding home

“In 2012, I was living in Squamish when my life was sideswiped by a sudden family change,” says Tessa. Faced with this transformative moment, she set out to find a new home that aligned with her values and aspirations for her family. Avoiding the bustle of big city life, she desired a supportive arts and culture community, diverse job opportunities, and a place free from the dreaded Canadian winters.

Victoria’s charm beckoned, and she knew she had found the perfect haven to call home. “I hate scraping snow off the windshield of my car!” Tessa laughs, embracing her Australian roots with a playful attitude. Victoria’s warm embrace and down-to-earth atmosphere have made it the ideal place for Tessa and her family. “The community has been incredibly inviting and inclusive,” she says.

“I work with an incredible group of humans who have helped me build KWENCH into the thriving community and business it is today,” Tessa says, showcasing gratitude for her dedicated team. With the addition of new team members, she’s been able to focus on the future, preparing KWENCH for expansion across Canada.

Built on the pillars of Knowledge, Wellness, Experiences, Novelty, Curiosity, Connection, Health and Happiness, KWENCH embodies a holistic approach to fulfillment. As the founder of KWENCH, Tessa’s quest has been one of trials and triumphs. She has navigated through periods of no pay, sleepless nights reminiscent of newborn-babyhood, and the unprecedented hurdles brought by the pandemic. Yet, through it all, she remained steadfast, fueled by her passion for creating a space where happiness thrived.

The path to self-care and authenticity

Tessa shares her personal journey toward well-being and contentment. “Life isn’t happening to me; I am responding to it,” she said thoughtfully. This realization empowers her to take charge of her well-being, embracing exercise, meditation, and laughter as crucial pillars of her self-care routine.

Her journey has also taught her the value of simplicity over material possessions. “Stuff doesn’t make me happy,” she states, realizing that true happiness lies in the intangible experiences and connections that enrich her life.

Embracing life’s challenges and joys with wisdom and grace, Tessa holds a profound perspective on aging and beauty. “I don’t have a philosophy,” she humbly admits, “but I love observing and learning from my elders.” She finds inspiration in the wisdom of those who have walked the path before her, embodying the lessons they offer.

“Beauty, for me, comes from action and how we show up for others and ourselves,” Tessa shares warmly. “I’m committed to being my best self and remaining active, engaged, playful, and happy.” Her words had a magnetic quality, drawing you into her world of positivity and authenticity. Tessa’s philosophy on beauty transcends the superficial. Rather, it is a reflection of her soul—a beauty that radiates from within.

It’s evident that, for Tessa, beauty is a tapestry woven from threads of kindness, purpose, and authenticity. It’s the beauty of a community that embraces all its imperfections and strives to grow together. It’s the beauty of a passionate entrepreneur who dares to keep going and growing.

In Victoria, a city renowned for its natural beauty and kind community, Tessa’s journey continues to inspire and uplift those around her. Through KWENCH, she has built a sanctuary where happiness thrives, and through her actions, she breathes life into the profound truth that beauty goes beyond appearances—it’s a reflection of the soul.



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