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The New Philosophers Series: Avery Brohman, CEO of Victoria Hospitals Foundation

Many people don’t know the role philanthropy plays in the healthcare system, but today it’s clear that the strongest hospitals in the country (and world) have the most community and donor support – and Avery Brohman’s mission as CEO of Victoria Hospitals Foundation is to elevate the care we all rely on and take it from standard care to excellent care. As CEO, Avery is responsible for prudently stewarding our community’s giving, and last year that totalled nearly $18 million of donations in support of our hospitals. The work Avery does is fuelled with intention to ensure our hospitals are supported now and into the future. 

For Avery, true generosity encompasses not only giving to others but also giving back to oneself. It involves intentional self-care practices that inspire confidence and fuel her passions and goals. Having witnessed the tireless efforts of care teams day in and day out, Avery understands that prioritizing self-care is crucial in enabling individuals to be their best selves and take better care of others. But despite being crucial to our well-being, Avery acknowledges that self-care is often overlooked.

“I have been very intentional about how I fuel and care for myself, and not just when I’m running on empty or when I am in need of intervention.”

Today, Avery realizes the importance of leaning on the community to support her well-being by partnering with local businesses who make it easier for her to give herself the care she needs. She recently joined a personal training gym (Tropos Fitness), where her gym schedule is set each week, and cancelling truly is not an option. She uses a weekly food service provider (ADP Catering), which offers balanced and delicious meals each week, so eating healthy is easier. She also joined our PHI Society here at Philosophy MD, where she enjoys one medical-grade facial each month and receives member perks, including discounts on skincare products. 

Avery’s perspective on self-care is rooted in the belief that investing in oneself is the foundation for building confidence and self-awareness. In her role, confidence is a key factor in how she performs her job and attracts community members to engage with The Victoria Hospitals Foundation. By prioritizing self-care, Avery acknowledges the transformative power it can have on personal growth and development, ultimately leading to a  more fulfilling and enriched life. 

“My philosophy on beauty is not measured by how I look when I age, it’s how I grow as I age. The older I get, the more self-aware and confident I have become. To age is a beautiful thing, and when I am confident, I am better at most things.”

She shares that comparison can also be crippling and counterproductive to personal growth and self-care. Her philosophy is grounded in the belief that one can build self-confidence by avoiding external judgments and comparisons. She explains, 

“Being truly comfortable in my own skin will lead me to the greatest rewards that life has to offer.  I no longer imagine how someone else will see me, and it’s incredibly liberating.”

Finally, for Avery, self-care is not just about physical and mental well-being but also about the energy one cultivates within and around themselves. She firmly believes that the people, environments, and experiences one allows into their life can greatly impact their overall well-being and life experiences. She shares that it’s her responsibility to continually assess what serves her best and to make intentional choices to prioritize her energy and time. Her focus on self-care has allowed her to let go of things outside of her control and focus on what truly matters, resulting in a more purposeful and fulfilling life.

To learn more about Avery and the important work being done at the Victoria Hospitals Foundation to improve our local healthcare system, visit www.victoriahf.ca