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Trends in Aesthetics 

The pandemic has taken a toll on our minds, bodies and skin, resulting in a growing demand for injectables, Botox, fillers and brow lifts to rejuvenate appearances. The “Instagram face”, with poreless skin, high cheekbones, fox eyes, a “snatched” jawline, a small nose and full, lush lips has been trending for quite some time now, influencing more people to get cosmetic work done. Over time, individuality is lost if we are all influenced in the same direction. Philosophy MD believes that there is such a thing as overdone, and that less is more. We are ones for subtle “tweaks” to rejuvenate, restore and refresh. Working with your features to keep your outcomes natural and subtle is trend defying. We want you to embrace your individual imperfections and quirks – this is real – and real confidence is beautiful. 

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