Symptoms of Rosacea

If you struggle with rosacea, you are not alone. Rosacea is an incredibly common skin condition with an unknown cause. It is most common among women over 30 with fairer skin, but can affect all genders and skin types. It can appear as flushing, redness, or blushing on the face and body, and many people will notice that their skin is especially sensitive. If you have rosacea, you may notice visible tiny red blood vessels on your face, dry skin, swelling, excess oil, uneven texture, and acne-like bumps. Avoidance of triggers is the mainstay of rosacea treatment—a simple, soothing skincare routine is key. That said, even if you know what triggers your rosacea, you might find that the discomfort, redness, and visible vessels detract from your confidence. Our tools to effectively combat rosacea let you go on glowing and feeling your best.

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