Symptoms of Leg Veins

Leg spider veins are an incredibly common condition. These superficial damaged blood vessels look like small red, blue, or purple lines or webs (hence the term “spider” veins). Typically affecting women more than men, these veins are often an inherited trait, but hormonal changes, pregnancy, aging, leg injuries, and immobility can exacerbate them. Spider veins don’t usually cause any physical symptoms such as pain or itchiness. However, many people feel self-conscious about their appearance and choose to treat them for cosmetic reasons. At Philosophy MD, we offer sclerotherapy to reduce and eliminate spider veins and restore your confidence. 

If your leg veins are larger and bluish in colour, sit deeper beneath the skin’s surface, and cause symptoms of aching, itchiness, and pain, you may be experiencing varicose veins, which are not treated at Philosophy MD. For the treatment of varicose veins, we suggest you request a referral to a vascular surgeon from your primary care provider. 

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