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We’ve carefully selected a team of aesthetic specialists with scores of skin wisdom and a knack for making you feel pampered and polished—all you have to do is sit back and relax.

Photo of Tierney Landels

Tierney Landels

Medical Aesthetician Get to know Tierney Landels
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Stacey Brand

Certified Treatment Provider Get to know Stacey Brand
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Jennifer Giesbrecht

Executive Admin Get to know Jennifer Giesbrecht
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Jamie Wright

Medical Aesthetician, Certified Massage Practitioner Get to know Jamie Wright

Tierney Landels

Tierney is a certified medical aesthetician and skincare expert. Trained in several medical aesthetic devices, she brings many years of cosmetic experience to her role as Medical Aesthetician at Philosophy MD. 

The decision to become a medical aesthetician came very naturally to Tierney, thanks to a longstanding fascination with the beauty and skincare industry. She recognized the value of proper skincare from a young age, and knew this passion would lead her to a career that never felt like work. Leaving her hometown of Campbell River to attend Aesthetic School in Saskatoon was the single best career decision she’s ever made. Tierney is so thankful to have the opportunity to share her passion for skincare, and to continue to educate herself and her clients at Philosophy MD.  

When she’s not helping patients achieve healthy, glowing skin, you’ll likely find her being creative with her newfound love for pottery, exploring the outdoors of beautiful British Columbia, or spending time with her family, friends, and her kitty Earl. She also loves relaxing, and you may even catch her napping! 


Stacey Brand

Stacey Brand boasts a diverse background that encompasses years in the airline industry before embracing her current role as a Certified Treatment Provider at Philosophy. Her rich work history brings a unique skill set to patient care. 

Her journey into dermatology began with a personal struggle with adult acne, driving her passion for skincare and skin health. From a patient to a dermatologist’s assistant, Stacey finds fulfillment in sharing knowledge and helping others conquer skincare challenges. 

At Philosophy, she values the ability to positively impact lives, enjoying a collaborative and familial atmosphere that promotes continuous learning. A seasoned traveler with experiences in 14 countries, she calls Victoria home, skillfully balancing family life with her energetic 2-year-old son and her husband’s love for the Edmonton Oilers.


Jennifer Giesbrecht

Jennifer brings a diverse background in office administration and aesthetics to the Philosophy team. With a passion for learning and growth, Jennifer has traveled to over 30 countries, immersing herself in different cultures. 

Her unique journey includes a 2-year stint as an entertainer with her partner, performing on cruise ships, theaters, and various venues. As a proud mom of two and a grandmother to the adorable Claire, Jennifer values the importance of family. 

At Philosophy, she finds joy in the dynamic world of medical aesthetics, appreciating the stunning location, beautiful space, and, most importantly, the incredible people. Jennifer is dedicated to making a positive impact on clients’ lives, enhancing their self-confidence through aesthetic medicine. 

Beyond work, Jennifer indulges in her love for travel, cooking, reading, and hiking in picturesque locations. While she adores cats, her partner might have a different opinion!


Jamie Wright

With over two decades of expertise in skincare, massage, reiki, and medical esthetics, Jamie Wright is a seasoned practitioner dedicated to healing and rejuvenation. Her passion for these disciplines has defined her career, earning her trust from existing clients and expanding her reach at Philosophy. 

A mother of two boys, two cats, and a dog, with a husband in the mix, Jamie’s life is a dynamic blend of activity. She embraces a lengthy skincare routine, enjoys yoga, art, befriending crows, and cherishes moments spent at home. 

Specializing in facials, microneedling, and Clear + Brilliant treatments, Jamie seamlessly blends spa ambiance with medical expertise.