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Clear + Brilliant®

Embrace your skin’s brilliance with Clear + Brilliant®—a transformational non-invasive laser treatment that unveils your natural radiance.

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Clear + Brilliant® is a state-of-the-art non-invasive laser treatment designed to reverse early signs of sun damage and rejuvenate your skin's vitality. This treatment harnesses cutting-edge fractionated laser technology, working harmoniously with your skin's natural processes to target fine lines, pigmentation concerns, and textural irregularities. Experience the unique advantage of Clear + Brilliant® as it effectively addresses stubborn melasma, setting it apart as one of the select few laser treatments with this capability. A single session begins to reveal your skin's renewed glow, and with a series of treatments, you can achieve lasting results that defy aging and elevate your complexion to new heights. Ideal for all skin types and genders, and all seasons of the year, Clear + Brilliant® is your path to luminous, healthy skin. Whether you're aiming to reclaim a more youthful complexion or enhance your skin's tone and texture, this treatment has the versatility to meet your goals.

Why you'll love Clear + Brilliant®

  • Defies aging by preventing and correcting fine lines and wrinkles
  • Clarifies the complexion by chipping away at pigmentation, including melasma
  • Elevates skin tone and texture to new heights
  • Effectively minimizes the appearance of pores

How much does Clear + Brilliant® cost?

  • Starting price: $450 per treatment.
  • Add neck, chest or hands to any session for just $50
  • An initial series of 4-6 treatments is recommended; as such we offer a package of 4 for $1350, and subsequent treatment pricing of $337.50. Applies to ongoing treatments within 30 days of the last treatment.

What will my Clear + Brilliant® experience be like?

At Philosophy MD, your journey to radiant skin begins with Clear + Brilliant®. Our highly trained medical aestheticians are dedicated to providing a pampering experience that rejuvenates both your skin and spirit. During a session lasting approximately 45 minutes, you can expect personalized care, and, if necessary, topical numbing to ensure your comfort. Clear + Brilliant treatments also include a demi-facial. Following your treatment, you might experience minimal redness and mild swelling, typically subsiding within a day or two. Results will gradually emerge, with peak effects revealing themselves after a series of treatments.
Photo of Clear + Brilliant®

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