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Sclerotherapy is a non-surgical injectable treatment that uses a solution called Sclerodex® to treat visible spider veins. Even one treatment can noticeably clear up the redness and visibility of spider veins on legs.

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You may notice little spider veins (also called telangiectasias) appearing on your legs over time. These veins aren’t typically painful or itchy, and can be removed for cosmetic reasons. Spider veins are often an inherited trait, but pregnancy, hormonal changes, and immobility can exacerbate them. Women typically have more visible spider veins than men do, and may notice them appearing in their 20s and 30s. Both laser and injection (sclerotherapy) treatments can target spider veins, but sclerotherapy is the superior method for treatment in the legs. When compared to laser treatment, sclerotherapy typically requires fewer sessions, leads to quicker resolutions, is less painful, more affordable, and has less risk of hyperpigmentation. Sclerotherapy can treat small spider veins which look like narrow red, blue, or purple lines or branches visible on the surface of your skin. We do not treat deeper, larger varicose veins (these may be blue or green, bulging, and may cause aching or itchiness) at Philosophy MD. We suggest you ask your primary care provider for a referral to a vascular surgeon or other vascular specialist to explore treatment options for these larger symptomatic varicose veins.

Sclerotherapy at a Glance

  • Quick injectable treatment with minimal downtime 
  • Minimal discomfort with lasting results for spider veins
  • Effectively fades redness and visible veins

How much does Sclerotherapy cost?

  • Pricing starts at $150 for small area treatments
  • Most patients require a series of treatments for optimal results
  • Cost will vary depending on individual treatment goals and the area(s) being treated. We recommend booking a consultation for a thorough assessment and personalized quote.

What will my Sclerotherapy experience be like?

Every sclerotherapy treatment plan begins with a comprehensive assessment and consultation to identify your visible veins and ensure that this treatment can meet your goals. Sclerotherapy injections take place in short sessions lasting 15-45 minutes. Each targeted vein is injected with a fine needle which may cause mild discomfort. Directly following treatment, you may notice your veins temporarily look more red, and some bruising or swelling may occur. This should subside within three to six weeks, at which point you’ll start noticing results. Wearing compression stockings or socks can help improve results, and multiple treatments will likely be recommended for optimal outcomes.
Photo of Sclerotherapy

Enjoy legs free of pesky spider veins. Discover how sclerotherapy can refresh your look.

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