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The gold-standard ultrasound skin tightening treatment for a non-surgical brow lift or lifting loose skin on the face, neck, chest, and jawline.

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Ultherapy® is an award-winning, non-invasive treatment that stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, counteracting signs of aging and sun damage on the face, brows, neck, chest, and jawline. As we age, collagen breaks down, resulting in loss of skin strength and elasticity. Ultherapy bypasses the surface of the skin using ultrasound energy to generate firmer skin, reduced sagging, and fewer wrinkles. While you may notice subtle immediate results in the first 24 hours after treatment, benefits typically are visible three to six months after treatment as new collagen works to lift and smooth your skin. Results will last as long as your body continues to produce new collagen and until the natural aging process takes over again. This treatment can be used for the full face, neck and décolleté, or can be focused on specific areas of concern.

Why you'll love Ultherapy®

  • Lift, tighten and smooth skin 
  • Non-invasive with no downtime 
  • Results are long-lasting and improve over time

How much does Ultherapy® cost?

  • Full face treatment begins at $3000
  • Full neck treatment begins at $2000
  • Lower face treatment begins at $2400
  • Upper face treatment begins at $1500
  • Brow lift treatment begins at $750
  • Décolletage treatment begins at $2000
  • Package pricing available when combining treatment areas

What will my Ultherapy® experience be like?

Every Ultherapy treatment begins with a comprehensive skin consultation to identify your concerns and create a personalized treatment plan that best suits your needs. Depending on the areas being treated, a single procedure can last up to 90 minutes. An Ultherapy treatment on the décolletage takes about 30 minutes, whereas a face and neck treatment will take 60 to 90 minutes. Sit back and relax as one of our highly trained medical aestheticians cleanses your skin of dirt, oil, and residue. Once the skin is prepped, ultrasound gel is applied. The Ultherapy device is then placed against the skin, and ultrasound energy is delivered to the targeted areas. You may experience quick, intermittent feelings of tingling during treatment. We also offer optional, physician-led comfort measures as part of our Ultherapy treatments which maximize the treatment experience. This option is thoroughly reviewed in your consultation. The treated areas may become flushed or red in the hours following the procedure, and short-term sensations, including tingling, swelling, or tenderness, may occur. There is usually no downtime associated with Ultherapy, and regular activities such as work, exercise, or socializing can be resumed immediately after treatment.
Photo of Ultherapy®

The gold standard for non-surgical skin lifting.

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