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Vascular Laser

Cosmetic veins on the face and legs, matted vessels and red spots like angiomas are effectively cleared with dedicated vascular laser treatment.

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Our skin holds a delicate network of oxygen rich vacsulature which is susceptible to changes from inflammation, environmental aggressors, genetics and certain medical conditions. Sometimes, these vessels form networks or end points at or near the surface of the skin, and mark the complexion with purple, blue or red vessels or spots. Red and purple facial vessels are most common across the cheeks and chin, and around the nose, while blue, purple and red cosmetic and reticular veins are most common the legs. Cherry angiomas—those cutie red spots—can appear anywhere on the body, and often over the torso. No matter where we find these veins, vessels, or spots, vascular laser is the clinically proven treatment to quickly and effective zap those baby reds and blues away.

Why you'll love Vascular Laser

  • Clinically-proven benefits with very little downtime and high safety profile
  • Quick treatments, and short series (2+ treatments, for most vessels)
  • Completely tailored to your spots or vessels, on the face, torso or legs

How much does Vascular Laser cost?

  • Treatments start at $150
  • Cost will vary with the area(s) being treated, and a short series is commonly recommended
  • We recommend a consultation for a thorough assessment and personalized quote

What will my Vascular Laser experience be like?

Vascular Laser is a recommended treatment option for prominent vessels, red spots, or matted patches of spider veins. Blue-ish reticular veins are also indicated for effective treatment with vascular laser. Small vessels or spots may be accommodated at short notice, following a thorough consultation. Vascular Laser (stick with the same capitalization throughout) is also a recommended treatment in combination with sclerotherapy for the treatment of cosmetic and reticular leg veins—in combination, sclerotherapy and Vascular Laser offer the highest instance of leg vein clearance. To prepare for treatment, the area will first be cleansed. Ultrasound gel is applied atop the targeted vessels or spots, and the laser is calibrated to the appropriate settings. Treatment is quite quick—unlike its relative Laser Genesis, Vascular Laser treatments rarely require multiple passes. The sensation is akin to fine, quick, zaps. Some spots or vessels disappear instantly, while others dusk and fade slowly. Certain types of vessels require more than 2 treatment sessions, while we commonly recommend a treatment plan of 2 sessions to begin, with sessions spaced 4-6 weeks apart. We will see you for regular follow up assessments to ensure treatment settings are optimized ongoing.
Photo of Vascular Laser

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